Dragon and Phoenix Software Intc.

Textile Engineering and Software

Dragon and Phoenix Software Inc. (DPS) is the braintrust behind a group of applications and patented technologies that blends textile, pattern-making and engineering. This blend represents a perspective that changes the way that textile construction and patterning is used and viewed.

All of the products within the DPS umbrella leverage the intellectual capital developed over the last seven years in advanced practical mathematics, and incorporate extrapolation based on big data tenets and chaos mathematics. The effect of this technology translates into a broader appreciation of textile media.

Ongoing Product Development

The application of the engineering principals to textiles is a significant change in how the world views fabrics, fibers and textiles, as well as how the medium of textile can affect the artifacts made from that medium.

DPS continues to develop additional functions and enhancements of the current product lines, while expanding into new areas as the synergy of creativity and engineering practicality allow.

Visualization and Realistic Representation

All of the DPS products are aimed toward digital visualization and realistic representation of textile constructions. Some of the products deal with digital conservancy of textiles (Virtual Textile), engineer pattern development and fit (The Complete Clothier) and other aspects of the synergy of textiles and engineering. Some of the main product lines have significant user groups and have developed their own following and event calendars.