Dragon and Phoenix Software Inc.


The mission of Dragon and Phoenix Software Inc. (DPS) is to change how the world intereacts wtih textiles. The mission incorporates applied engineering as the basis for textile artistry. The movement of textiles from artifacts to a medium for expression is one of the underlying tenets. The blending of textiles as an art form with the applied engineering that allows consistent fit in garments is proof that engineering and art belong together.


DPS grew out of the frustration of one of the founding members to get a jacket that fit. This search included ready-to-wear options and all of the then extant software products on the market. The inability to get a good fit on a jacket, the lack of consistent fit between garments, the lack of best practice software design procedures, and lack of engineering principals in the software design were only a small portion of the mounting frustration levels.

The result of this mountain of frustration was the decision to apply the missing principals to garment pattern-drafting. During the path to The Complete Clothier products, a broader vision became apparent. The extensive and historical research in the areas of pattern drafting, engineering and applied topology expanded vision and product to other, related arenas.This broader vision led to design visualization (Matilda), effective inventory mechanisms (Stash Inventory) and management controls for theatrical, bridal and botique environments (Complete Costumer, Bridal Studio, Boutique Clothier). Further synergy with like-minded academics, led in turn to the effort to launch a world-wide digital conservancy for textiles (Virtual Textile).

Like any good engineering firm, DPS has consistently protected is advances and inventions with patents, ranging from key rights on the application of engineering to pattern-making, visualization techniques and even the upcoming product for the creation of knitting and crochet patterns from drafted patterns (Complete Knitter).

Isn't it amazing what curiousity and focus will do?