Dragon and Phoenix Software Inc.

Design Contest 2015

Dragon and Phoenix Software Inc. (DPS) invites costume and fashion designers to participate in the DPS 2015 Design Challenge, which starts on May 15, 2015. The goal of this contest is to design and create original costumes or garments using The Complete Clothier (TCC) patternmaking software from DPS. The TCC product line supports the philosophy of "Fit to the Body, Not a Size", where patterns work on a powerful combination of scalability and engineered fit. The contest will provide an opportunity to introduce TCC to new users and give experienced users a chance to show off their skills.

Entry Process

Entrants start by completing the costume contest form on the DPS site. Entries can be submitted by either an individual or a team. One free 4-month trial version of the TCC software will be provided to any entrant or team. Entrants must design the main garment in a costume or fashion ensemble using the software. Access to the DPS Contest Forum, which includes postings of online support sessions and class schedules, will be provided to all registered entrants. For universities currently holding TCC software licenses, a more formal class schedule can be arranged for interested students.

A confirmation email will be sent after the entry is completed. Once confirmed, information will be sent within three business days that gives the entrant their Contest ID. This ID will be used to submit the final design and to pose questions, attend class and problem resolution sessions, and other DPS-sponsored events.

The contest will consist of two preliminary rounds, followed by a finalist round. All entries for the preliminary rounds are handled electronically. The full contest rules outline the required submission components. Two finalists will be selected from each round for a total of four finalists. The finalist garments will be displayed and judged at the 2016 USITT Conference and Stage Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. Overall winners will be selected and prizes awarded during the expo.