Dragon and Phoenix Software Inc.


The DPS products vary in form from garment pattern-making and design to visualization software for textiles and pattern design. A short list of the current product lines demonstrate the depth and reach of the DPS lineup.

The Complete Clothier

This software is the core of the TCC line, with patented engineering and draping approaches to the production of consistently fitting garment patterns.

Virtual Textile

The virtual textiles in this product area are high-resolution photographic textile representations that have been adjusted to be seamless and endless. They are suitable for form fills including short-run fabrics, fat quarters, scenery,etc.


The concept of advanced visualization is the base of Matilda. This avatar corresponds to the measurements defined in the TCC product line and answers the basic need to "know before you sew". It is also instrumental in allowing directors, designers, boutique customers, etc. a fast and accurate vision of how fabrics and design will appear and move on their bodies, long before the fabric is chosen and cut.

Stash Inventory

Designed to answer the question - Where's my stuff?, Stash Inventory tracks a variety of different possible collections. With over 60 stash types available, anyone that needs to track their inventory can use Stash Inventory, whether that person needs to track fabric, zippers, theatrical props, fishing lures, and so on.

Complete Costumer

Scenes, costume tracking, and casting are all part of the components of the Complete Costumer. Whether the theatrical endeavour is an operatic company or costume rental shop, the Complete Costumer will track the fit of possible costume options, the fabric used and even the scenes that a costume appears in. Coupled with Stash Inventory, the costumer can also incorporate accessory management and props.

Retail Solutions

TCC Bridal and TCC Boutique are only two of the retail solutions that have developed within the TCC family. These types of application packages allow the combination of the pattern generation, visualization, inventory monitoring and wedding party tracking to be managed under a single umbrella.

Complete Knitter

Upcoming for full release in 2014! The complete Knitter creates knitting (machine and hand) and crocheting instructions from patterns generated in the Customer Closet products. This patented software expands the vision and treatment of custom garments to a whole new level!